The Lady Cycle mobile app for natural family planning implements the safest natural method for contraception. It determines your most fertile days for conception and it tracks your physical and psychological well-being across your cycles (self-awareness).

Lady Cycle predicts your menstruation, ovulation, and fertile/infertile days - adapting to your personal menstrual cycle - based on the symptothermal method. The method was developed and tested by the NFP Workgroup. In a first independent scientific study, Lady Cycle was ranked under the Top-5 mobile apps implementing this method, with perfect accuracy score ranking .



As safe as the pill but no side effects!

The critical period in which intercourse can lead to pregnancy lasts only approximately 7 days. Lady Cycle determines these days (lady with red halo: fertile, green halo: infertile).

The symptothermal method of the NFP workgroup is the natural contraceptive recommended by the German Association for Gynecology and Obstetrics. Its pearl-index of 0.3 signifies the high safety level of the method.


Learn when you can get pregnant!

Lady Cycle allows a reliable assessment of your most fertile days and therefore provides you with the knowledge of those days within your personal monthly cycle during which the chances of conception are highest.

Once pregnant, you can use Lady Cycle to keep track of your psychological and physiological well-being, and have it visualized and analyzed. All for you to explore and to show to your gynecologist.

Self Awareness

Lady Cycle cannot only be used to naturally contracept or conceive but also to learn more about yourself.

Increase your self-awareness by keeping track of and exploring the natural fluctuations of your psychological and physiological well-being across your cycles.

Check out the changes across your cycles plot or the correlation plots to inspect the relation between your mood and your stress level (or any other measure) in real-time.

PDF Report

The Lady Cycle PDF report visualizes all your data and contains useful statistics, as well as biological information on the changes which happen across your cycles.

Request a PDF report at any time and bring it to your gynecologist or use it to visualize and print your personal cycles and symptoms.