Start by entering the first day of your last menstrual bleeding. As long as you have not entered any menstruation day, Lady Cycle cannot show you the temperature curve, the calender and the analysis.

Lady Cycle Main Page

From here you can get everywhere: views, actions, configuration and most importantly the form (see image).

You always see the state of your fertility indicated by the halo of the lady. For the first cycle your state of fertility stays on red (fertile) during the days of your menstrual bleeding. This is because Lady Cycle does not know whether a temperature jump has occurred in your previous cycle. This is a necessary prerequisite to savely determine that your menses are infertile days!

However, from the first cycle on when a temperature jump was determined, Lady Cycle uses the standard rules of the symptothermal method to determine your state of fertility.


Entry Form

The entry form is divided into Basic and Advanced.

In the Basic Form you can enter all data that is necessary to determine your state of fertility. In the Advanced Form you can make additional entries regarding your psychological and physiological well-being and enter symptoms.

Just complete the form, leave everything empty that you do not want to fill out (yet) and click on the tick mark on the bottom of the form to save your entry. The entry for a given day can be adjusted at any time. This way you can easily adjust for example your highest perceived cervical mucus quality when you note in the afternoon or evening that it has changed.

If you don't want to use the advanced form. Simply deactivate it by clicking on the Options Wheel / Mode / Basic.

If you don't want the help texts to appear when you click on a title, simply deactivate it by clicking on Options Wheel / Disable form info.

Besides saving your entry, you can use the arrows to quickly enter a number of days that follow each other (for example, if you would like to enter previous cycles). Clicking on the left right arrows saves your entry and jumps to the previous or next day. Sliding to the left or right does the same (but does not work on all devices).



The display shows you your temperature curve. The infertile periods of the cycle are indicated by the green background, the fertile period by the violet background. You can also see the strength of your menstrual bleeding (at the beginning of the cycle), your cervical mucus quality and cervix position, firmness and opening (in case you entered it).

You can also determine the end of your fertile period manually by clicking on the three squares on the top right and then simply select the date when your fertile period ends according to your own evaluation.


ME (manual evaluation): for cycles where you entered the end of your fertile period manually

PC (pregnant cycle): for cycles where you were pregnant, breast feeding or where you stopped entering your menses for a while (excluded from statistics)

PP (post pill): for cycles where the end of the fertile period was determined based on the special post pill rule. Please deselect the post pill rule as soon as you had your first cycle with a temperature jump by clicking on Options Wheel / Special Rules / None.



In the calender you are given an overview by month and you can jump directly to the date you would like to enter in the entry form. Please be aware that the date you meant to click on is the one that correspondingly shows in the entry form. You can of course also use the entry form directly to adjust the date (by just clicking below Date, see above). Click on the three squares on the top right to see the legend on your phone.



Select in the options whether you want your ovulation prediction and estimation to be based on cervical mucus or BBT measurements.


Save, import, export Data

Click on the Action button of your Android phone (three squares on the top right) and then on backup to backup your data. You can backup to your SD or by email. Automatic backup to SD (Options Wheel / Automatic backup) is possible. We reccomend to do additional backups per email in case something happens to your smart phone (damage, loss).

If you change from one phone to another, the easiest way to get your data to your new phone is: Backup per email (send the database to yourself), and then open the email with the database on your new phone with Lady Cycle.

Backup to SD uses (depending on your device) the external partition of your internal SD card or your external SD card. Lady Cycle tells you where your data is being saved so you can copy it to a PC or other devices should you want to.


Color Themes

Go to Options Wheel / Theme to choose your favorite color scheme.



Options / Settings

Click on the wheel on the top of the main page (on the right of the "form pencil") to get to the options / settings.



FAQ, Help, Developer contact, Manual

Click on the Action button on the top right and then on contact to send us an email with your questions / bug reports. Feel free to attach your data with the email. Should you need particular support with your cycle. Please contact us directly for bug repots / feature requests not via Google Play ratings. So we can help you much faster.

Clicking on the action button will also get you to our tutorial and manual. The manual contains various help pages for you to learn more about how to use Lady Cycle, how the rules work that determine the beginning and end of your fertile period and much more.

In the References you will find all references used to develop Lady Cycle, as well as literature suggestions on how to learn more about natural family planning with the symptothermal method developed by the NFP workgroup. 




Manual Analysis

Begin fertile period

If you would like to use the 8-day rule that affects the begin of your fertile period at the start of each cycle from the beginning of using Lady Cycle because you already have 12 previous valid cycles from where you know the earliest day of temperature increase across cycle, you can do this.

Just click on MENU, preferences and adjust the first day of increased temperature across the (at least) last 12 cycles.

In the preferences you can also do many other specifications such as entering your average cycle duration, minimal cycle duration etc.

You can also chose, adjust or delete your personal password in the preferences.


End fertile period

Click on the top right (three squares) of your Android phone when you are looking at the DISPLAY. Here you can adjust the end day of the fertile period manually if needed.

Note that you can always exclude certain data entries from being taken into the automatic fertility calculation by adding a temperature disturbance to the entry at the specific date in the form.

You can also exclude cervical mucus only by choosing this option in the entry form.


Automated Backup to SD

Would you like Lady Cycle to automatically backup your data with each time you use it? Go to the Preferences (MENU / Preferences) and select: automated backup to SD.

We highly recommend to copy your backup to your computer / laptop regularly. To have an external safety copy.


Upgrade from Lady Cycle Lite with all your Data

Steps to Upgrade from Lady Cycle Lite to Lady Cycle:

  • Start Lady Cycle Lite
  • Click on MENU/Save to SD
  • Close Lady Cycle Lite
  • Download Lady Cycle from Google Play
  • Start Lady Cycle
  • Click on MENU/Import from SD
  • Restart Lady Cycle

Now all your data from Lady Cycle Lite will be available to you in Lady Cycle Full version.



You still got questions, remarks, comments, feature requests? Just contact the developer team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your feedback is our greatest encouragement!