H. L.

More than a year ago I finally found Lady Cycle, an app that evaluates reliably and applies all the rules. THANK YOU!

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Sandra Jiménez

“Easy to use, good tutorial, nice interface, add free 🙂 Just started to use it, looks much better than others I tried.”

By |December 23rd, 2018|Comments Off on Sandra Jiménez

Rowena Dominy

“Excellent Out of the apps I’ve tried, ladycycle is the most comprehensive and allows me to record the exact data I want. I found it complicated at first but the online tutorial really helps. I haven’t got to grips with everything yet but I’m prepared to make the effort just because this app is so detailed and genuinely committed to supporting women.”

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Sandra James

“New and improved!! I love the new widget this app has. Very discreet, yet let’s me know my next cycle is! The app itself is customizable, and very easy to use! Loving the new improvements!”

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Haley D

“This app rocks! Really great app and I like the new widget. Not sure why some rate it so low. I find it easy to use and attractively designed.”

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Valeria Nechaeva

“Best app among similar ones I love this app so much! After installing and uninstalling a dozen of similar apps I tried this one and it hasn’t disappointed me in nearly 2 years. Amazing layout, no ads, I can enter as much or as little as I want. Keep up the great work!!!!”

By |December 23rd, 2018|Comments Off on Valeria Nechaeva
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