How can I sync my data with another phone or the phone of my partner?

By default, Lady Cycle does not sync your data automatically with a cloud server. To us your privacy is very important and this is why we believe that you should have full control over what happens with your data. If however, you would like to sync your data with your partner or a second phone via a cloud solution that you trust, here is how you can do it:

  1. You and your partner both need a Dropbox account (or  any other cloud you trust) with a folder shared between you (e.g you can create a folder ladycyclesync and then share it with your partner), and then the Dropbox app on your phone and the phone of your partner.
  2. Make sure that you and your partner have the latest Lady Cycle version installed.
  3. On your phone (main device)
    1. Start Lady Cycle, tap on the settings wheel and then make sure that the option “Automated backup to phone” is activated. This option automatically creates a backup of your data to the ladycycledata/auto folder on your device.
    2. Download the app Dropsync (or another app that allows synchronizing data from one app with another)
    3. Start dropsync and configure it in such a way that the folder /storage/emulated/0/ladycycledata/current (the path may be slightly different depending on your device, you need the folder that contains the file “current-LadyCycle.db”) is synchronized with the folder in your dropbox that you are sharing with your partner.
    4. Make sure that you select the option “uploads only” on your device for the Dropsync method. This way you can prevent that your partner by mistake modifies your Lady Cycle database.
  4. On his device (your second device)
    1. Start Lady Cycle and click on the settings wheel. Make sure that the option “Automated import” is activated. This option allows Lady Cycle to import the latest data at every app start.
    2. Click on the three dots on the top right on the Lady Cycle starting page, next on “Import”, and then “Select file for automatic import”.
    3. Select the Dropbox folder that you are sharing with your partner and select the file “current-LadyCycle.db”
  5. Restart Lady Cycle on both phones, and your data should automatically be synced with your partner’s phone.